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Submitted by Ma. Dominique Hernandez on

It is known that the Philippines, is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Typhoons and landslides are the common climate-related threats that the country faces every year. To be honest, this is the first time I have heard of the Climate Change Commission (CCC) and I am glad that the government already took the initiative to establish this organization. However, one major concern here is that even if, let’s say the government already have had plans and budget for the policies or programs for these natural disaster threats, how well do we, the citizens adhere to this policies and programs? After all, the people are to blame why we are experiencing all these negative effects of climate change and not the government.

As an ordinary citizen, we need discipline and help each other to change the way we treat our environment. We have to help the government in implementing the rules on this matter of climate change. An example of this is to teach ourselves to throw our garbage in the right places and help preserve our natural resources. We can start by doing these simple things which will greatly help our surroundings.