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Submitted by Miriam Park on

How We Adapt to Climate Change
We, the people of the world are the cause of global warming that produced climate change all over the world. We shouldn’t solely blame the government for all the tragedies we experience like heavy floods, landslides, earthquakes, and many more. These tragedies that occurred in our own country should make us reevaluate our own environment and find solutions.
But what are we, Filipinos doing to adapt to climate change?
I know that some Filipinos are stubborn and lack discipline that even some doesn’t follow simple signs as to where he should throw garbage. No, I am not saying this to insult fellow Filipinos but to open your eyes that even in this simple way, we can lessen the effect of climate change in our own country. .
Filipino citizens together with the government, factories, corporations, and mining community should join forces in saving Mother Nature. Granted, the government is doing a lot more effective campaigns since typhoon ‘ONDOY ‘regarding climate change. But, is it enough? We, as a normal citizen or even a citizen, who owns big corporation must also do his part on what the government has implemented for it to be fully efficient and maximized. We must also aware the people of the larger risk of climate change if we just neglect it now.