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Submitted by Carlos Bryan Nolido on

A wake up call for Environmental Awareness

The World Bank article about Climate Change clearly highlights the ideas and challenges the society might face during this phenomena. The general effect of this let’s say in The Philippines is economically impacting especially in the tourism and trading industry. Imagine if 100 farmers are unable to harvest rice because the farm is flooded then this problem might affect the supply of rice in the entire nation, but what if there are more than 100 farmers out there who are affected by this? High demand – low supply = PRICE INCREASE. The result is = RALLY :-)

How are we adapting from Climate Change? Is this really an issue that is popularly known? or an issue that’s been rejected by many?
Let me start from myself, how I am adapting from climate change. I make sure that I am healthy, physically fit and environmentally friendly because there’s no way I can stop this situation so I’d rather prevent this from giving me negative impacts.

How am I protecting myself with regard to climate change? first is I have stored medicines inside my travelling bag and in times of sickness or even a simple headache I have something to take for prevention, then I have a bottled water all the time for rehydration lastly I have an umbrella so I can be protected from the heat of the sun and also to avoid heat stroke. This is how am I protecting myself from climate change.

With regard to the society I believe that we have different moves and practices as to how can we adapt to climate change. To be honest I don’t think people notice it, I think Filipinos are more concern about earning money for their families rather than dwelling on situations like climate change as what I’ve noticed so, in short PEOPLE DON’T CARE and this is the main reason why the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines is currently running it’s campaign for awareness. Prevention is better than cure that’s why they want us to be more conscious about climate change because if we get enough knowledge then it’s easier for us to adapt to any kinds of climate related hazards.

People are violent against Mother Nature. Illegal logging, oil Spills from factories that kills sea creatures and coral reefs, littering and many more. We’re just concerned about “what can we get” but we’re not aware of what would be the “effect in general” So, I admit during typhoons like the recent one, while I’m watching the news I can’t help but to blame the people who gets affected by flood and landslides all over the country. Many of them chose to stay even if the government is already advising them to vacate the place, but they opted to stay. The government on the other hand may do projects about this, but no matter how many projects are being implemented, no matter how big the budget is if there is no cooperation and awareness from people then I don’t think it’s possible for us to make a difference.

Like an autumn leaf that is dancing while falling to the ground reminds me that there’s no way we can stop “fall” from coming. If we don’t take responsibility and change our habits then nothing is going to be left for the upcoming generations.

Cooperation and awareness is the key to solve this.