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Submitted by Allan Dumayas on

Unknown to some, a UN special envoy praised the Philippines for having the best climate change laws compared to the rest of the world. It's just so frustrating to know that even with these laws in place, the harmful effects of the occurring climate change due to excessive GHG emissions will take decades to reverse. We should have seen this problem coming since studies have been made in the 50's about the possible repercussions of man-made activities such as heavy industrialization.

Here in the Philippines, it's great to know that the current administration is serious about pursuing steps, setting plans and reforms to combat the effects of climate change. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of coordination among private agencies and LGUs when they should be the ones disseminating the much needed and important information to the people under their jurisdiction. It should not get to the point where we realize how dangerous our environmental situation is until it's too late.

We may have very good laws –the best ones, in fact. But, laws are only as good as they are on paper and it won’t work if it is not being seriously followed and implemented properly. It's important to know that we should begin the change within ourselves by starting to listen and educating ourselves about this issue at hand.

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