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Submitted by Fritzie B. Enfectana on

If I may point out, this is not the time to work on climate issues. Some of the current administration’s detractors opposed the 1B Peso People’s Survival Fund (PSF) because of the suspicion that the fund would be pocketed directly to some politicians’ instead to the implementing agencies which are entrusted for consolidating these funds. Instead of unsolicited information, why not help directly on the program so they would be able to monitor the proceeds. Our president himself, personally looking-out on this program, had said that the PSF fund is expected to receive funding by 2014. The aim of these funding is to implement Local Climate Change Action Plan to make local communities be resilient to climate-induce disaster. This is to improve the capacity of local government to address climate change. However, according to World Bank report, there are knowledge gaps and knowledge management system that hinders the execution of the Climate Reforms and Action. But happy to know, some recommendations of some agencies are already done to centralize these programs.
We as locals should help our government at least to lessen the burden. Even the Action Plan is not wrapped-up yet, let us do our duty and be responsible to our environment. By Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.
The effects of Global Warming thus changing our climate is not waiting for some far-flung future. It is already happening and we are already experiencing the backwash now. According to Renato Redentor Constantino, Executive Director of the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities. “Government should not have to carry out this agenda on its own. Partnership is everything”.

WB Report on Climate Change in the Philippines