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Submitted by Allan Eduard E. Macalinao on

We, as a developing country, is highly vulnerable to the adverse impact of climate change. It has been manifested in the country in terms of weather disturbances including increased number of stronger typhoons, heavy flooding and other extreme weather events associated with climate change. These corresponding disasters have resulted to significant loss of human lives and huge amount of money due to destruction of properties including agriculture. Just recently, we have experienced unstoppable heavy rains over the Luzon area which resulted to heavy flooding in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces. While it is true that President Noy himself shares his concern about the disaster preparedness, we, the whole Filipino community, should be more responsible in facing the occurrence especially during rainy season. We should act now so we may not be able to face great obstacles. In our own little ways, let’s practically join small organization in our very own barangay about cleanliness and the ways to prevent pollution. Let’s look at our drainage systems, our waste management systems. We still can save our environment. It might be a long way, but we, more than anybody else, will benefit most with our little acts of concern. Proper discipline and the love for the Philippines should both be dealt by every Filipino. Let’s start cleaning our dear Pearl of the Orient.