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Submitted by Shonalie Derit on

I remember how I was attentively doing my research paper about Climate Change on my high school senior time years ago and at the same time bothersome upon learning the facts and foreseen effects. From the sea level rise, melting ice bergs, heat waves to atmospheric holes etc., things I was personally unaware until I did the research paper. Perhaps those were also infamous among the masses during that time, year 2008.

It was just five years back. Upon reading this and the World Bank Report, I could certainly agree to the statement that a scientific mind is not needed to realize this occurrence. A research is not even necessary. Nowadays, the moment you come out of the door, climate change greets you. Not, however, with a wonderful welcome, but of either a scorching heat of the sun, floods from heavy rainfall or any form of drought. The unpredictable weather changes can be easily felt everywhere. The climate is not how it used to be, but it seems to be aggravating like a usual thing. Typhoons, flashfloods and erosions are recurrent every now and then. The impacts are obviously not negligible.

The government’s initiative to put up the Climate Change Commission (CCC) was commendable, even the foreword from the World Bank Report speaks so. However, the sad part as usual, was the ineffective implementation, budgetary constraints, insufficiency of equipments and many other concerns. Same problem arises, and we as vulnerable to all its effect due to our geographical location, extremely needs to follow the way forward as recommended on the WB article. We Filipinos can adapt, but not to the extent that we have to just let things be. It is to act now collectively or we expect even the worse cases of damages ahead. Being aware and not doing a thing is pure irresponsibility. Let us think of the next generations to suffer more from all of this.