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Submitted by Jubil Re Geonzon on

The effects of climate change are alarming wherein we see the rise of the oceans. Some island nations are at risks especially when communities are at sea level. The Philippines is a tropical archipelago. Majority of densely populated area are situated in the coasts. Some are in the rivers as well. The first to feel the effects of climate change are from the coastal communities. Let us take the City of Manila as an example. Some places in the city are in the sea level or worse, below sea level. Drainage was such a nemesis of the city because there is no way out for the sewage. If ever rain would fall, there would be massive flooding in the city. Now due to climate change, storms became stronger. The effect of a super typhoon would bring in 25 ft wall of water or storm surge. (As seen in the picture above). This would mean that majority of City of Manila or perhaps the NCR would be flooded. Let us say that we experienced typhoon Ondoy in 2009. We experienced the Monsoon last year. As years go by, storms and monsoons are getting worse as well as the frequency of typhoons are increasing. We then experience that indeed, climate change is not just around the corner but is now in our doorsteps.

The Philippine Government had dealt with the problems that the climate change brought us. Since we cannot change what nature brings us, our way to combat it is through ourselves. The Climate Change Act of 2009 (Republic Act No. 9729)was made into law. With the implementation of the CCA, It made the possibility to create a body to deal with climate change which is the Climate Change Council.

In the LGU level, the CCA was in effect as well. I had noticed the effort in eradicating the use of plastics which hinders the sewage. If the President of the Philippines is the head of the CCC, LGU's shall do their part in their own jurisdictions as well. The funding of the People's Survival Fund shall be granted to the Baranggays to fully fund every baranggay hall equipment in response to disasters. On the part of the NGO's and Businesses, there will be a representative or body within the town or city to participate in the Climate Change Council in LGU level. This will further make more presence from private sectors to participate in accordance to the Climate Change Act.

We build our future from schools. In the CCA, Department of Education was included. The knowledge and awareness about Climate Change are now enculcated to each Filipinos. We all know that politicians, engineers, agriculturists, businessmen are not trained to deal climate change. There must be a specialization on dealing with such matter. How about a college course that will further enhance or train students that would specialize on vital roles to deal climate change. I heard that an engineering subject which is namely, Environmental Engineering. It is designed to the protection of the environment and the reduction of carbon footprints.

I should say that policies are there but how about the members of the council. Are they trained to be that? How about for the future. We shall sow our seeds that in the future we may produce innovators and a heart to strongly execute the wonders of this law. We must all remember that if nature turns against us, we can not do anything about it.