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Submitted by Renz Quintos on

Climate change really felt by Filipinos these past few years. Typhoons and non-stop rains brought floods which devastated the urban areas, landslides on mountainsides, affecting business, and worst, killing people. Greenhouse gas emission, illegal logging, mining and fishing, are frequent cause of destroying our Mother Earth.

The societal modernization and the increasing energy demand, people tend to abused Mother Nature. One example is farmers here in our barangay, in Batangas. Before, they used horse to go to farm, and now replaced by motorcycles. Even elementary students going to school is accompanied by their parents using their motorcycles. Root crops turn into poultry farms. Small things but huge effect on ozone layer.

The government rose programs, like CCA (Climate Change Act, R.A. 9729), protecting climate system as its main goal. If the government continue establishing programs like this, focus saving on environment and not only corruption, pollution may be lessen, Mother Nature might be preserved. If only if?