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Submitted by Danilo Toquero Tierra on

Climate Change : The New Normal

The normal pattern in the weather system of the globe has shifted abnormally. This shift have created massive destruction to the lives and properties of the people. The once normal condition which people of the globe were used to, have been greeted by surprises brought by the new normal, which seems to be destructible.
Since the shift is already in our midst, human cannot but to shift and adapt to the new normal. Human by nature have this innate ability to adapt to any change that is coming its way just to maintain its co-existence with nature.

Human intelligence dictates that any foreboding events ,will yield man’s imaginative ways to combat any threat to him/her. Human will eventually creates systems and methods to cushion the impact of the burgeoning effect of the new normal, which the climate change would bring.

As the famous scientist Albert Einstein says, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. I believe that we have in the crossroad wherein nature is challenging man’s ability. And it is for us humans to stand up and face this challenge squarely.