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Submitted by Ana Liza Furukawa on

Adapting climate change is not a hard thing to do for me, but understanding on why it is happening is a big question, a question that has to be answered right away not just of me, but also of the people of the rest of the world.
Climate change is the result of our irresponsible acts. Floods have devastated our country many times that caused deaths, health risks and destroyed our houses. It affected our food and water supplies, infrastructure and transportation systems. Although the people are now getting aware of the impact, there are still many things to address to avoid the consequences of climate change. Government and citizens should work hard together. To give enough education to the people about climate change on how it will affect us is what we should focus more. The government has to develop the strategies and the “climate reform agenda” on transforming the climate policies.
Filipinos nowadays are getting aware and responding to the needs of preventing climate change. In fact some local governments have implemented an environmental friendly ordinance. Plastic bags are not allowed in some supermarkets and wet markets. Styrofoam or cellophane is not allowed to bring at school (this I believe is also mandated by DEPED). Segregation of garbage is being implemented as well in public and private establishments. Every household’s waste are also encouraged to be segregated. However, waste recycling plant is still a major issue. Funds on setting up recycle plants are still in need of better planning.
And of course an individual’s participation and involvement in helping and preserving the environment is a must. We can help by doing small things like bringing your own eco-bags, buying environmental friendly products, planting of plants in a pot or trees at your own backyards, biodegradable composting, and proper disposal of garbage. Small things that is not difficult to do, small efforts that matters a lot.
Our government’s reform on strengthening and planning the budget for the climate change will surely help to avoid consequences of climate change. But all of these will be senseless if we still continue to aggravate our environment. We cannot only depend on our government to make them think of the remedies on this problem, we need to give our share on preventing it as well. Discipline and cooperation are what we need. We should work on this together.