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Submitted by Charmaine Principe on

Climate change has been an on-going problem of the society. It just happened that here in the Philippines, because of the budget, lack of knowledge and initiation this has resulted to severe damage in the country. Even monsoon now can flood areas in the Philippines that are known to be flood-prone zones. The government as of now is still working on unfinished projects that can probably resolve the issue but because they are so much busy with other admin issue’s that they have to freeze the project. We might also be able to help as an individual but still we never take these things seriously because we’re mostly involved on other issues than help the environment in generating solutions to help preserve and minimize environmental problems. The observation released by World Bank only entails how our government do not treat this kind of issue with high importance. It’s a good thing they we’re able to identify ways on how to improve the situation and recommended ways to help the country’s situation. Since climate change can be a threat to human existence this is a major issue needed additional attention by the government and groups of private individual who initiate movements for environmental concerns.