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Submitted by Lynlee Jabadan on

The current event that is happening is a proof of how climate change affects us directly. It is given that government should come up with effective strategy to cope up with climate change. But it will not be successful if we, as a part of community will not participate in implementing these strategies. I believe that it all should start from within us. We should have the initiative to change for the better. If we start following what is being implemented and be discipline enough to do what is right, then our place will be a safe and secure place to live in. I also believe that calamities and disaster that we are experiencing right now which also causes a enormous damage not only with our people property, not to mention the number of lives it took, and its impact to the economy, all started by destroying our environment. As a part of the community I believe that it should from me. I will be responsible with my actions toward the environment. I will participate and be a part of the program the community is implementing. I also believe that it all start at home.