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Submitted by L.E. Fernandez on

“Does our government do anything about it? ” This could be one of the questions of a clueless, uninformed Juan Dela Cruz unless he has a pack of relief goods in his hands. Our government has implemented several laws or acts but are those actions enough to meet our goals for the benefit of our state?

I think we should not just blame our government for their slow action/response to a natural calamity. We should also blame ourselves. Let’s not clean our hands people. It is just sad to say that we know about these phenomena, this climate change, but we don’t do a thing about it. Maybe we just do it at first but in the long run we tend to forget it. We are all responsible for the disasters we experience, even though we are used to it and we Filipinos still have time to smile. But are we not getting tired to experience floods every time a typhoon visits our city?

Just like some of the comments here, I am also bothered that some of us are not that very well informed by our government on how to effectively prevent it, not all of us have access to these kinds of information. And much more that our LGUs have insufficient number of knowledgeable and skilled staffs to reach out for those people even though we have funds.

I think we should raise the level of awareness about it, I mean to the highest level! I know that we can’t totally stop it in just a snap but I believe we can PREVENT the increase of temperature every year by starting from a small step, from ourselves by having discipline. And by doing all together we can make a much effective change. And we should keep in mind that we are not doing this for our own but for our nature and other harmed species also.