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Submitted by Brigette Lalo on

Environmental as well as social safeguards are two major components in trying to mitigate climate change. Our surrounding is constantly changing parallel to human behaviour that constantly negatively impacting our mother Gaia, mother earth.

As always, self-discipline and love for our country are few of the most important factors we lack that needs to be developed in every Filipino. If we do love our country, let’s act now bereft of hypocrisy. Should we wait when it is our time to go with the catastrophic flush floods with all the trash around us, inflicted with cancer because of the intense heat of UV rays, have air-born diseases, breathe carbon and sulfur emissions? Education for Filipinos about climate change should not be an excuse to any individual. Government should provide a venue for national information campaign on climate and social change. I believe that with proper education, one can act accordingly. It will also help to make people be aware and cautious of the environmental damage due to aggravated pollution; and to visualize what’s happening not just in the Philippines but also globally.

It’s our time to be vigilant, keep an eye to the implementation of green development programs and watch out for inconsiderate ill-planned building structures, unscrupulous financial spending of funds to unwanted projects and corrupt activities of the government. It’s our lawful right to ensure that only sound programmes should be pursued and achieved to the highest level of human safeguards, for the betterment of our country and to secure the future generations.