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Submitted by ANNABEL HERMANO on

“…effective implementation of the climate change agenda”

Climate Change is an issue that’s used to be passively dealt with or thought of by the majority. I believe that that is where the problem lies in: our lack of concern towards this matter in the beginning, and our late reaction/countermeasures now that we’ve suffered its wrath. The expression, “better late than never”, accurately describes the government’s measures to alleviate its alarming consequences. It makes one wishes that it were just as simple as controlling the problem and getting rid of it in a snap. Sigh. If only.

We’ve all experienced the problems that Climate Change has brought forth for the Philippines. It’s actually pretty frightening when you think about the typhoons and hottest summer days that we’ve been having for the past three years or so: the casualties and destruction that resulted from it is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion. The Philippines, as we all know, is an archipelago, a group of islands, so it’s equally worrisome to imagine our land gradually lost to the sea because of global warming, which could lead to low lying islands constantly flooded during typhoon season (its eventual submersion and lost under the sea).

On the Climate reform agenda - With the ongoing budget fund scams that our country’s currently facing, I really fear for the budget that’ll be allocated for this plan. I just hope that the right people will be chosen to lead this, and that funds won’t go astray and/or pocketed by corrupt government or non-government officials. They have to choose the most knowledgeable, skilled and upright individuals in order for this project to be seen through until the end (and actually achieve its goal). Of course, change is only plausible if the people is willing to make it happen. We all need to be united in our objective to make it work. We owe it to ourselves, especially since we would be the ones suffering the bigger consequences should we not choose to act immediately.