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Submitted by gabrielle yquin on

Climate change in the Philippines can be felt by now. Climate-related hazards include continuous typhoons and flooding, occasional earthquakes, sea level rise and landslides due to heavy rains. By God's grace, we've not yet experienced such calamities in our location. Though some parts in Laguna has extremely damaged livelihoods and homes, they still need to continue their lives for their children's future.
The 2009 Climate Change Act is a big help for the projects, climate reform agendas and achieving the objectives and activities for the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP). Whenever there is news about calamities in the Philippines, you can see that Filipinos still smile and laugh despite of the disastrous calamity they have experienced. It is because some Filipinos are unaware of the gravity of the climate change. We Filipinos must act as early as possible to prevent the impact of climate change to arise in the country. Budget is one of the main hindrances to meet the objectives of NCCAP. The administration must act now and distribute equally the provision of the needs of every sector related to NCCAP.
For me, society gives a big contribution for the climate change and unfortunately most people are unaware that their everyday activities are resulting to increase the gravity of the climate change in their country. The administration must give the public awareness about climate change. And as our administration and the Filipino people act as one, it is not impossible to achieve a better future for the next generations to come. ONE GOAL FOR A BETTER FUTURE! :-)

Crepin, Christophe. 2013. Getting a grip on climate change in the Philippines : executive report. Washington DC ; World Bank.