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Submitted by Catherine Catanjal on

A small change can make a big difference..
It is true that we are facing the greatest challenges on the effect of these environmental changes. The Philippines alone had experienced so many typhoons, flood, earthquakes and even landslides, wherein, this greatly affects the economy of the country, the livelihood of the people and even our morale. It is very interesting to know that the Philippine government is now taking the initiative to address the barriers on effective implementation of the climate change agenda. Based on the report provided by the World bank, there are so many things which needs to be addressed. From the financing part, having a knowledgeable staff or committee and raising public awareness of Climate change. Shouldn't we start in raising public awareness? Like educating the people about the cause and effect of the climate change, what the agenda is and how an individual can contribute to the success of this plan? I believe that if everyone is educated and cooperates to this agenda, though it may seem a little change but will still make a difference.
I just have one doubt about the effectiveness of this agenda, how do you think the Filipino's will buy-in the idea of this plan, given that we know that the government is corrupt? How do we know that the funds which will be allocated for this project will really be used for its sole purpose?