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Submitted by Deo Angelo Simando on

It is very clear that climate change is getting worse and more destructive. Unfortunately, nothing, not even the most powerful countries can reverse it. Nature has its way of maintaining balance, and changes in the climate patterns are just part of nature’s law.
Although it is irreversible, there are mitigation and adaptation measures that we can make use of to reduce or prevent further damage to lives and properties. However, very few people understand how crucial it is to take part and learn our responsibilities in addressing this global concern.
We are fortunate that the Philippines is geographically located right above the equator. Being a tropical country with high biodiversity is truly an advantage but our location in the pacific region also makes us vulnerable to strong and destructive storms during wet seasons and severe drought or long-dry spells. These phenomena always affect our economy, our well-being and our lives.
Sadly speaking, our country does not have institutional capacity, including limited access to knowledge, and inadequate state-of-the-art tools and equipment that are needed for efficient action to and reforms on climate change. The reason? Misuse of the country’s fund, poor governance, corruption, lack of unity and a lot more.
What can we do then? I am particularly curious about how the Philippines can improve its program on climate change.
But I am aware that, there are enough resources and information that identified the causes of global warming and climate change and the solutions to alleviate the problem. So, we can work together and adopt solutions that will work best for our country and for the entire world.
Let’s plant trees, maintain a cleaner and greener environment, minimize energy consumptions, lessen contributors to global heat, use bio-diesel and etc…
Let us minimize the factors that contribute to drastic global warming and climate change and maximize our knowledge, team work, goals and determination to address this urgent and life-long global concern.