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Submitted by Pauline Garsain on

Reading the report of World Bank entitled “Getting a grip on the climate change of the Philippines.” It was impressive that today’s administration has made an act, The 2009 Climate Change Act, and it was set for NFSCC which will later then be an overall parameters for developing the NCCAP. The government has still a lot of problems and issues to fix but it was good that they have faced this thing. Some people may not see it as important like the other problems of the government. But, if we are going to look deeper and reason out, this should be the priority of our government. With this act as it was enumerated in the report it will help lessen poverty. If this will really be applied and followed by the leaders surely, we will be able to lessen the problems with regards to typhoons and any other calamities. If calamities will be lessened the progress of our country will just arise. More jobs, infrastructures, investors, and works will be available to the business sector of the Philippines.