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Submitted by Pamela Roco on


Apathy is the disease that our country is beset and plagued with.

When we think that we can not do anything, it’s “bahala na,” or thingking we can not make a difference, being indifferent and lacking in concern to the matters of politics, that is our problem.

But this apathy is also brought about by little information to the masses. The government has to think of more creative ways to reach the people – the ones who think they do not matter. Radio and tv soaps with plots related to current events – like climate change, or the pork barrel. Ask a commoner, a regular person on the street what the pork barrel is – if anything, they will only know that again, the government has stolen millions from the people.

Education and information is a primary concern.

In Baguio City, every single typhoon that batters the city floods the City Camp Lagoon. This area is a natural basin, where there should be no residents in the first place, because of its’ natural geographical location. The very same residents are also causing this flooding – by carelessly disposing sachets of used shampoos, toothpastes, detergents, etc. Everytime the flood gates are monitored or cleaned up, it is the same materials we see every single time - sachets for shampoos, toothpastes, detergents, etc.

Why is it so difficult to make these residents understand that they have to do something about this sachet practice which is flooding them every time?

At the same time, there is progressive building, and cutting of trees, even in watersheds., then they wonder – why erosion? Why the landslide?

Apathy. My question is: How do you solve apathy?