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Submitted by Abigaile Cyr Sevilla on

“There are 4 Key Points in understanding the causes of climate change:

• Both natural and human factors change Earth’s climate.
• Before humans, changes in climate resulted entirely from natural causes such as changes in Earth’s orbit, changes in solar activity, or volcanic eruptions.
• Since the Industrial Era began, humans have had an increasing effect on climate, particularly by adding billions of tons of heat-trapping greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
• Most of the observed warming since the mid-20th century is due to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions.”¹

No human being can do anything on changes in climate resulting entirely from natural causes. However, as an individual and as a society in general, we can all contribute to mitigate human-caused effects in climate change. From human processes such as deforestation, desertification, and urbanization, to human activities increasing the number of aerosol particles in the atmosphere, one’s individual action and by-and-large the society as whole, can reduce or at the very least alleviate the negative effects of climate change. From an individual Filipino’s recycling efforts to Philippine society’s targeted reductions in black carbon emissions, each at its level can reduce global warming. What is important, whether as a Filipino individual or Philippine society in general, is the doing not only the wishing, the action and not just the rhetoric.