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Submitted by KAF on

While the report gives comprehensive recommendations on how the government can sort out the bureaucracies and inadequacies that prevent its institutions from effectively implementing measures that can prepare the nation for the effects of climate change, I cannot help but feel pessimistic about the whole thing.

I’m sure that if we are readily capable of instantly following the recommendations in the report, we would do so. It would benefit the country greatly. I would prevent damage to the economy. It would pave the way for accelerated economic growth. It would save lives. However, the challenges that were enumerated in the report are a reflection of the current state of Philippine politics: an entangled mess of things. Unclear domains of responsibility, lack of technical skills and knowledge, disjoint plans between government institutions, different classifications per institution, insufficient access to funding where it is needed and a lot of red tape in between.

Climate change is upon us. For our nation to be prepared for it, the proper implementation of sound plans under a unified effort of aligned government institutions and its citizens are necessary.