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Submitted by Emerjon Regala on

I do believe that most of the Filipinos are aware of what is going on once they experience it however, they don't know what caused it and how it will be resolved. For example, those typhoons and other natural calamities came to their knowledge once it happens in their place. But when you ask them why it is happening, they might not have the full knowledge of why's and how's especially those who are in slump areas or rural areas. When you ask them if they have heard the word "global warming", and climate change", they will answer with yes however, if you ask them to define them, they will answer with mmmm..., I don't know or other responses which deal with uncertainty or out of knowledge. The problem and the solution that arrive to my mind is the information dissemination and technology. Scientific and technological innovation can help the problem and it must be delivered properly. Some of the schools and universities in the Philippines adopt new technology to climate change. Some try to make a gadget or an innovation that will help the farmers to know the weather events. I remember the issue of a politician who put a budget on making a kit or a pamphlet for farmers which was in english, I don't see the problem with this, it was really helpful, however, the medium they used was not coincide with the consumers. It is because only few famers can understand english. Some rather wanted to rather spend it on crops or materials needed. I would suggest to have the information on cellphones because most of the farmers have cellphones or the government or the responsible on agriculture would sell cellphone at a very affordable price and they will disseminate information regarding agriculture to the farmers. Example what will be the best crops in rainy season, what they can do to save the plants when it is drought. The biggest challenge in terms of climate change is the agriculture, like the change of soil, planting season. I have heard from the news that the government is partnering with universities, with local research centers in order to find solutions. We must mitigate with climate change. Social Media as well has the greatest aid of information dissemination for most of the people are into social media. The things that they may include with the information dissemination are: definition of terms like global warming, climate change, green house effect etc., causes of natural calamities, effects of the human doings and the like. The solutions and the future are in our hands and we must go hand in hand in facing the challenges that future brings.