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Submitted by Jose Crisaldo Leona on

The World Bank noted in its report on climate change entitled Getting a grip, on climate change in the Philippines that the present administration has shifted its priorities in terms of addressing the issue, from mitigation to adaptation. I applaud this shift in focus for obvious reasons, topmost of which is the fact that the Philippines lies on a typhoon-prone area and is part of what is known as “Pacific Ring of Fire”, therefore, embracing an “adaptation” focus allows the government the freedom of planning what to prepare for in the event that disaster strikes. It is a more practical approach (adaptation) instead of trying to oppose the force of nature. Ms. Ma. Glenda Lopez Wui quoted anthropologist Yehudi Cohen as saying, “New adaptations must be developed if effective relationships with altered habitational conditions are to be maintained”.
Although efforts by the government are commendable, we all need to work double time, maybe even triple time, what with the fast moving technology around us. An unwelcome by-product of some technological advancements are Greenhouse gas emissions, and even if the Philippines is considered a minor contributor to global warming, the same World Bank report stated that Greenhouse gas emissions in the country are projected to multiply several folds, largely due to the growing economy, along with it, urbanization and motorization. We all must do our share in any way we can, not just for the here and now, but for our children’s tomorrow.