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Submitted by Geffrey Cena on

For a majority of Filipinos, especially those who are living in slum areas don’t even care or maybe worst, that is they don’t even know what climate change is all about. The government should strengthen its programs in educating the people on how to take care of his or her environment and how to preserve its natural resources.

I agree with the blogger of this site, Ms. Sering in saying that climate change is definitely upon us. Every Filipino should not be relying solely with the government in preserving the environment but also each one should possess the right discipline in taking care of its natural resources.

Adaptation to climate change through technological solutions such as coastal defences or management and changes in consumption habits are also needed in order to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Some non-government organizations (NGO’s) such as the Science of Identity Foundation conduct different seminars to help the government educate its people.