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Submitted by Sej Girard Kaimo on

It is nice to know all the plan and vision to help the effects of climate change. Based on "Getting a Grip on climate change in the Philippines", a report from The World Bank, Initiatives were already rolled out since 2009 for the Climate Change Act and NCCAP to have a clear evolution of priorities. It really is good indeed. But our question is, Is it all plans? or publicity? Why Publicity? It is because people are not aware of this. With how our government is now and all the corruption happening how can we ever keep our hopes high? Government says funds have been allocated here and there, but do we see results? One issue is pollution, this can dramatically help reduce the effects of climate change.Recently Philippine Medical Association (PMA) plans to file a case against DTI, DOTC and DENR for dereliction of duty (for failing to implement the environmental laws). Not seeing an improvement with the pollution problem in the Philippines particularly with Air pollution which greatly affects climate change.

As a concerned common Filipino, I hope we could help start a change by just being an advocate to these plans, just being aware will be a great push. Educating the nation alone will be a move towards a better tomorrow. Expecting the government will just keep us dreaming.