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Submitted by ANNA LEA MALONG on

Climate Change. Let the solution start from us.
As the economy and technology continuous to grow, most people in the provinces would choose living in urban areas, thinking that urban area has more to offer when it comes to livelihood. Some would even go beyond of their means by selling off the little of what they have in the provice, to have something that they could start from. Unfortunately, a huge number becomes unsuccessful and end up being informal settlers or worse on the streets. While making the streets and along waterways their home, it also becomes their huge trash bins.
As the community expands and the population continues to grow, while more problem begins to appear, business opportunity arises at the same time. Land developers takes a huge advantage of putting up high rise condominiums to maximize a space and accommodate more people. Private cars and PUVs continues to grow as well.
The above mentioned, are just few of the factors that contributes to climate change and other environmental impacts. In every natural calamity, we've seen how stronger it gets year after year. We are aware how climate change extremely affects us all. But why do people continue to be irresponsible and careless? With the previous typhoons, earthquakes and other negative effects in the agriculture and fishing industry, people tend to always look for somebody or something to blame. We never realize that we all play a big part in this destruction. Each individual should have at least educate themselves on why natural calamity keeps on getting worse and if there's something they could do or contribute in solving the problem. Every individual should have the sense of responsibility and discipline starting from our ourselves and within homes. We can begin with waste segregation, water and energy conservation. Another is choosing our leaders wisely. Every election, we should at least have the knowledge of what a political aspirant can do for us. Does he have sincere concern for the people and the environment? or will he use his power to profit from money that's ought for us?
In everything that we do, that impact will greatly affect us too. We may not see it now, but in the future we will. That's what's happening right now. Today, is not too late but tomorrow might be. So, let's make the change and let the solution start from us.