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Submitted by Oneil Ferrer on

Being in a tropical country, it is inevitable that climate change is the best definition of what concerns people today. Although implications of solutions may be subtle, attention to environmental health is still intact. Rather than focusing on using financial models to organize cooperation, why not develop community programs with no money traded? Such is seen on groups that prevent floods through planting of trees. Hence, we can see that the problem is not the climate change itself, but the possible problem it might contribute to the society. The government of the Philippines are unable to cope with the overpopulation of the poor. Five or more children are common; it’s as if they think having more offspring would do more good than bad. Afterwards, they would often blame the corruption of the government because of their position in the economy. The best probable solution is to inject non-harmful natural substances that provide impotency so that the population will still be manageable. This shall be done with their consent through proper education and teaching of the consequences that may arouse if they add another person to feed on.

Climate change has been around since the earth’s early times. To prevent it is not the problem, as to cope with it is the solution. Floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities are subjected to proper care of the environment and migration to other areas when a probable calamity may occur. In a manageable population, there wouldn’t be unemployment if the impotency solution occurs and zero-inflation of agricultural products shall be made unto the rule of law.

I think it's time to stop thinking of every object as a form of commodity and acknowledge the value of life rather than enjoying it with materialistic means. Your dreams become sugar-coated with home theatre, swimming pools and mansions. The illusion of closing your eyes in a dream is false, you never stop seeing. Grasp the beauty of ocean, mountains, trees and relationship with other humans. Desire nothing, as to perceive nothing is to accept everything as your own. Money ends up in nothingness, and only leads to isolation.

Teenagers flood their thoughts with celebrities’ life crisis, rather than opening their eye on what real-life problems arouse in the world of today. Does curiosity always lead to happiness?
If a person named Gina was active at social networks, saw all tweets of her favourite celebrities, compare her to another person who did not, does that really make her happier?
Is this what makes life worth living?