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Submitted by Frencie Flake on

As one of the most vulnerable countries in the world, Philippines is continually experiencing the effects of climate change. Natural causes and human activities caused this climate change. But we, as human beings, took a large part in causing these effects of climate change. We, Filipinos, especially the government, need to contemplate a more pro-active adjustment planning to ensure a sustainable development. We can also start through small things such as conserving the electricity, lessening the use of plastics, stop the cutting of trees and instead, plant more trees.

Studies are also ongoing to help marine ecosystems cope with the effects of climate change. Dr. Aileen Maypa, Research Director of CCEF, conducted a research on how reefs can adapt to the impacts of climate change and how these can be mitigated is currently being conducted. The organization is developing a protocol for coral reef recovery, fisheries recovery and coral reef rehabilitation that can be used by local communities and LGUs. They are also looking into the redesigning of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including the establishment of a network of MPAs, as a resiliency strategy to climate change, while considering the many factors that may impact the effectiveness of a MPA design. (Reference: The article Climate change to devastate Philippine Seas; Greenpeace proposes Roadmap to Recovery on

There is still hope for this country. I believe that if everybody would just cooperate and contribute, and if the government will focus on what they should really be doing, we can still possibly speed down the changes occurring nowadays caused by our own activities. We can work together as one nation and stop blaming one another. From small to big things, we can work this out.