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Submitted by Vida Brucelas on

It was mentioned that our country is just a minor contributor to climate change; unfortunately our country is one of the most affected. We should not despair; it does not mean we cannot do anything about this anymore and just be passive about this. As a developing country, what we can do is avoid the path that developed countries, some are major contributors to climate change have done, and instead as we develop we should still consider the effects it will have to the environment, knowing now that as predicted our contribution to climate change will increase.
Our government should be more pro-active and take preventive measures in climate change, instead of just preparing for natural disasters intensified by climate change. Examples of these are investing in alternative energy, support private sectors that are already in environment friendly industries and for citizens in our daily lives to really cooperate and participate in the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Repair movement. Implementation of the law has always been our problem as a country and it does not help that we lack self-discipline as citizens too. But, if we really want to provide for the future generations, our families, which Filipinos our known for, assuring them of a healthy planet is one of the best we can provide them. We just have to do our part on this planet, no matter how little we may think it is.