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Submitted by Beatrice Miranda G Reyno on

I am adapting to climate change by lessening my carbon footprint and by recycling as much as possible. Climate change creates stronger typhoons that create bigger floods most especially here in the Metro. I do my part by throwing garbage to proper bins to lessen the blockages in our drainage.

I am glad that the government through the CCC has taken some concrete steps towards advancing the immediate policies to address Climate Change. And I agree with the 3 recommendations written above. It is hard to push through your agenda, if there is not much public clamor as well. I suggest building capacity online, through campaigns that attract Filipinos most especially the younger ones to forward the cause. As we have seen through the Million People March, the government responds to massive participation of its citizens. I am also glad that your commission has teamed up with and several institutions in building Project Agos,a revolutionary idea that can save many many lives.