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Submitted by Jeffrie Victorino on

Climate change clearly is one problem that the whole world is facing right now. It is evident that the negative effects are already being felt by many. As mentioned in the article, natural calamities which happened in recent years (like typhoons) produced lots of losses in lives and finances. Our country is very susceptible to these calamities, but flooding has not been very rampant until recently.
I can say that the Philippine government is on the right track, especially that ways and means to effectively address the problems on climate change are already being implemented. Requesting the World Bank to undertake a study to review government expenditures related to the issue is also one smart approach – it only proves that the matter is of critical importance and that serious measures should be applied.
Reviewing and allocating the right budget to projects related to the subject is very important, but I can say that consistency with proper implementation and usage of the budget is far more critical. Also, along with monitoring, reviewing and evaluating climate change policies, educating the public should be driven more for us to have stronger action plans. Everyone’s contribution is needed if we want to be successful with these efforts; it is human survival that we are trying to address after all.
Reference: Getting a Grip… on Climate Change in the Philippines (World Bank Report)