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Submitted by Raven Jessica A. Defensor on

It is said that the Philippines is the third most vulnerable country that is affected by the climate change. We are all aware about climate change but only some of us care and understand what truly the effects of climate change to us. The most common climate-related problems that we are facing are typhoons, landslides and floods. The government has put up an organization to help our fellow citizens who are experiencing typhoons, landslides and floods; it is called Climate Change Commission (CCC). To be honest, this is the first time I heard of this, but I am also pleased that the government has this kind of proposal for our country, but this is not the only solution for us to lessen the effect of climate change in our country. Obviously we the people are the only to reprimand and not the government.
As an average citizen, I too experience some of the effects of climate change and in my own little ways I can also help the government thru discipline. We have to help the government by abiding the rules they implement like a simple regulation on how to throw our own trash properly, recycling the trashes and segregating them. By this, we can all help the government in minimizing the effect of climate change in our country because we are all cooperating and helping each other in a serious problem like this.