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Climate change is displayed as a big problem for the existence of life on Earth. It causes a chain of events that may lead the world to downfall. Our home and all the organisms that sustain life are faced with danger. Ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and there have been more frequent natural calamities happening than before. The ecological balance is greatly affected. It places the lives of all living things under a threat—including human beings.
The impact of climate change has become evident in the Philippines. Extreme weather caused by the global changing temperature leaves the country disastrous effects. According to the report entitled Getting a Grip on Climate Change in the Philippines, it is said to be “the third most vulnerable country in the world to weather-related extreme events, earthquakes, and sea level rise.” Economic loss is a part of those disastrous effects left by natural calamities. This is a hindrance for the country’s increasing economic development. However, the Philippines’s growing economy also contributes to the risks of climate change (as economic advancement also means increased emissions of greenhouse gas). This only provokes that the future risks of climate change are unavoidable. The only possible way its impact can be lessened is learning how to cope with it.
There are actions taken by the Philippine government to address the issue. As time flew and as the effects became more visible and more people became aware of climate change, these actions were enhanced. The country’s focus of attention transitioned from climate change mitigation to climate change adaptation. Policies, programs and projects have now been provided for advancement of adaptation to the unavoidable impacts of climate change to reduce its risks.
However, the government’s role has a limit. For this to be effective, the people need to cooperate. We are still the ones holding what our future is going to be. Unless we give importance on how strong our influence are, as human beings, to climate change and do everything in our grasp to take care of the environment with our little efforts, such as by doing more and consuming less, nothing will be enough for ensuring the safety of humanity and the world we are living in.