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Submitted by Christian Winnerin Hilario on

Climate change is a global issue. It is especially challenging for developing nations like ours to deal with climate related problems. The Philippine government has a lot of work to do to improve its current policies on climate change. The laws and agencies that we have in the country right now are insufficient and inefficient, if not one of the least responsive in the world to climate change.
Take the Clean Air Act of 1999 for example. Fourteen years after being signed into law, our urban centers are still filled with smoke belching motor vehicles and there has been no significant improvement in air quality. With oil prices constantly increasing and oil wells quickly drying up, the shift to the use of renewable energy and greener forms of transportation could not be any timelier and practical.
Typhoons regularly pass the Philippines but it seems that we do not learn. In the recent typhoon and flooding disasters in various parts of the country, the lack of coordination between the national and local government units, as well as with the specialized agencies have caused delays (or worse failure) in rescue and relief operations. Add to this the perennial problem of corruption in our government. Stories about officials’ misuse of calamity funds, hoarding relief goods and distributing them only to select groups are certainly not good news. Good thing, there are those from the private sector and NGOs to augment in the efforts to help the affected.
Filipinos are a resilient people. It would certainly help if the government can come up with better policies to manage climate change.