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Submitted by lee venice mae loquez on

what we do to nature, nature do to us.
climate change is unstoppable, but there are always ways i think on how we could decrease the occurences of calamities resulting from it. apparently, our government as well other groups and organizations, are doing their best to provide for assistance and help to our fellow citizens who were affected by typhoons, floods and landslides. but these are anot enough, and these are not lasting solutions to this ever evolving problem. education and discipline are important factors in achieving a lasting solution. obviuously, most of us do not learn. we travel and sea our waters flooded with garbage too. this may be a little unrealistic, but if only our government could come up with a plan, a structure on how to equally distribute goods and opportunities, then people would be equally dispersed too and would not have to crowd our cities and add up to the already dense population and serried garbage. there are areas in our provinces that are being left because of limited or no job opportunities.
those of us who are more aware, must set our selves as examples, as well help in educating others on the effects of climate change and what we could do not to add up to the problem because really, the solution starts within ourselves. laws are made to be followed. the laws of nature tell us never to abuse nature. this is the only livable planet for humans, no research has been proven yet that we could evacuate to mars or any planet once the earth is too damaged. this is all we have. so we might as well protect it.