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Submitted by MYung Jin Ha on


I am a South Korean studying here in the Philippines. While reading the article, I was thinking to myself that it is good that the country is making an effort to help stop the climate change, or at least, try to slow it down. It was also a pleasant surprise to realize that the country, especially the Aquino government, has taken so many measures of integrating and setting climate change prevention plans into motion. However, when I reached the part where it mentioned PSF, I was quite surprised. Almost two weeks ago, the Typhoon Haiyan hit the country very badly and while so many people from all over the world are trying to help, help was still slow in coming. While so many problems have hit this country lately, such as the war, then typhoon in central luzon uprooting mango trees, destroying rice crops ready for harvest, earthquake in bohol and the Haiyan in Leyte and Samar. But where is the 1 Billion pesos initial fund for the PSF? People's Survival Fund you called it, but where is the fund when it is needed the most for survival? Just asking. Thank you!