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Submitted by Emerson on

Climate change as a consequence of global warming seems inevitable. We are already experiencing the effects of climate change based on recent inconsistent and unstable weather patterns in our country. The intense and scorching heat, devastating typhoons and severe floods are just some of the signs of how the Philippines is easily affected by these sudden changes in weather conditions.

Based on recent research, pollution is the primary cause of global warming and some of these pollutions are car emissions and toxins emitted by evolving factories. We can also count the excessive cutting of trees just to build commercial and residential areas in places where trees grow naturally. It is know that the Philippines is not a major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter. However, due to the increasing economic growth of the Philippines, it is showing signs that more cars and factories will soon emerge in alarming numbers and may result in more unavoidable pollution caused by insensible people.

I strongly believe that our government should educate people better regarding the causes and effect of global warming. We could probably start by exposing and educating our students and teachers in all schools at an early stage of every school’s curriculum why this matter is everyone’s concern. We could teach our students how to seriously protect and preserve Mother Nature, how planting trees and protecting the environment can save millions of lives on earth, how a simple act of planting trees can eventually help maintain the balance on earth’s weather condition and how excessive pollution can soon make abnormalities to Earth’s natural ways of maintaining a sustainable and livable surface to living creatures such as us, humans. I hope that at least by doing such things, we properly educate our kids in growing up with an open and sensible mind in helping fight global warming and pursue sustainable development.