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Submitted by Remar Dones Vergabera on

Now we cannot deny the fact that we are all connected. That everything we do correspond to a result equivalent to our actions. Typhoons, hurricanes and storms are all Earth’s natural phenomena. Throughout the ages from the time immemorial we had learned to adapt to the cycle of the Earth. And as we evolved are actions becomes less in harmony with nature does cause man made catastrophes and much worst we destroy the natural cycles of the Earth through the use of harmful chemicals and continues pollution's that now result to a devastating climate change. We had already seen many reports from all across the globe of the harmful effects of the climate change.

According to global chief Kumi Naidoo, an international executive director of the environmental group, in his observations we can now see the effect of climate change through the manifestations of destructive typhoons specifically in the Philippines. And he also pointed out those companies that harms the environment is the one to blame why the climate changed had worsened.

The great example of climate change is the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan, international name). It is forever written in our history of how nature can affect us. Many people died and a great amount of casualties is left in just one blow of this destructive typhoon. It also shows that Filipino people need to strengthen its force in confronting this kind of situation and delegating more organizations that will help Filipinos when we have to attend to the aftermath of such phenomena.

In the article “Getting a grip on climate change in the Philippines”, by The World Bank, we can see clearly of the cause and effect of the climate change in the Philippines. And applying the knowledge given in “the way forward” section of this article we will have a great chance of surviving in such devastating catastrophe.

In conclusion, we cannot undo of what we had done to our dear Mother Earth but it’s not late to heal her. We just have to simply become responsible and be sensible with our actions towards nature and all in it.