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Submitted by Jeremiah Librando on

The lack of awareness and sensitivity on the environmental issues of our country are one of the issues the government should prioritize in the making of climate action plan. The lack of knowledge about our environment has a great effect in fighting global warming. If every Filipinos has the knowledge or awareness about every environmental issues, it could open different doors of solutions and opportunities that could strengthen the action plan of our government in the issue of climate change. The masses especially the urban poor must always be on the top priority of our government in spreading and promoting the information about climate change and the benefits of a healthy environment. There are so many great infomercials (information + commercials) and advertisements that promote information about environmental friendly products, activities and designs that could be integrated in our daily lifestyles. One of the main players of green design (environmental friendly designs) are in the industry of architecture, engineering and construction. LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) one of the key players in green design is a global mark of achievement in green building design is revolutionizing the world of construction and design. It would be amazing if the government connected with these big players of green design industry. It could be a great collaboration in promoting affordable and accessible green design for the masses. I think the key elements in promoting the climate action plan are affordability and accessibility for the masses. It is obvious that most of the advertisements and information about climate change are not reaching the urban poor or it doesn't attract the masses. Are the mediums or strategies of the government insufficient? I hope the government will have more than enough connections from advertising firms up to scientists that could help in promoting green and healthy environment.
"For knowledge, too, is itself power." - Francis Bacon