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Submitted by Diana C. Mano on

Climate change has been a topic for every country for the past 10 years, especially the the biggest greenhouse gas emitter - United States of America and China. Since the Philippines is not included in the 10 top countries that had a huge contribution on the this climate change we are very affected with this changes. I live in Valenzuela City and CAMANAVA Area including Malabon Navotas and Caloocan seem to be a catch basin for waters that comes from the other city. Our local government is doing everything to fix this problem but as the water rises during rainy season most of its project goes to waste. Our city government cannot control the heavy storm and typhoon that passes to the country. We are indeed a very pitiful city when rainy season comes. Climate change is to blame for this situation. I know that green house gas can be controlled, but here in the Philippines I observe more and more green house gas contributors is being allowed. Vehicle is one of the major reason of pollution in the country. Its carbon monoxide damage our ozone especially old models cars. Why does the government allowed the car company and manufacturer to continue selling cars but they are not restricting old car to be faced out. They even sell it with the lowest DP so that it could be afford by so general masses. More and more traffic is created. More gasoline and diesel is consumed and carbon monoxide is the product of this scenario. If the government is finding out ways to control the climate change why not this simple solution cant be applied. It is a practice in Japan that vehicle more than 5 years should not run on their streets anymore or a higher insurance and taxes will be applied. This has been my question eversince.