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Submitted by John kelvin on

Loss of any scale, of any kind can crush the stoutest of hearts. Overtime, our country has seen it happen. Thousands of people, billions of properties, millions of dreams, and the only hope that binds us together have been shattered because of the effects of Climate Change. And so I wonder: why do we keep on letting this happen?

I feel relieved that what we are tackling is not whether Climate Change is anthropogenic or caused by humans for I am way past that. It has been an old age question that I believe has already been answered several times. It also feels good to know that our country has already taken its baby steps in ensuring that our country will be ready should the detrimental effects of Climate Change knock on our door. I am elated that a great number of our fellow-men acknowledge this as a fact and not something UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)made up. As what David Keith once said, "There is no disagreement among really anybody who is scientific in any way that the world is a lot warmer than it was 100 years ago".

More than these government initiated programs that were created to combat the effects of climate change or to make sure that we are a climate change resilient country; there should be an emphasis on how one's actions can aggravate the situation even more. It is just quite ludicrous to see that people just throw their litter wherever they feel like. Segregating our garbage has been a pain and burdensome for a lot of us. Our rivers have been our dump sites. If we can't start from the smallest unit of the community, how do we expect that there will be a tangible improvement?

Another thing is on how these laws that aim to protect the environment will live up to its description if we can't implement it properly? I am afraid that these projects that are worth millions of pesos will only just be beneficial for some greedy authorities. The government has to ensure that these laws are followed by everyone, and were not just made so they can add it on their impressive CVs.

Our country may be one of the lowest when it comes to the list of countries with the most GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions. But we should take into account that we are third on the list of most susceptible nations to Climate Change. We are the the ones who will reap what most developed countries has sown. This is very hard to alter (and to accept), but we need to focus more on what we can do, rather that what we have no control over. We got to work together in making sure that our earth is safe from humanly induced harm. This is our shelter. This is our home. No one will take care of it apart from us. So I do not think that it is too much to ask that we keep it in 'perfect working condition'.

Climate change is anything but unreal. One can say that our climate is changing because there are seasons, diurnal cycle, everyday changes on heat energy, etc. But these are trivial excuses that try to divert us from what really matters. Bottom line is: it is happening and we should do something about it! We have already held hands for what we believe is right several times throughout our history. Why can't we do it again?

So before we complain about the things that are happening around us; we perhaps should also ask ourselves, what have I done to contribute to nation building; what have I contributed in fighting the effects of climate change?