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Submitted by Timothy T. Franco on

Climate change is a man-driven threat that can possibly escalate in making the earth uninhabitable. It could take hundreds of years before it could generate large scales of turbulent storms and weather conditions, or increase/decrease the global temperatures to global unlivable conditions, but we cannot deny that the “threat” is still there. Then why are we still doing acts that can supplement to Climate change?
The majority of the population still do not perceive Climate Change as a threat— if not an immediate threat. Simply put, we are not desperate or willing enough to act in preventing or stopping it completely. The majority of humanity, the governmental, or the influential and the individual people alike, only enacts on the reduction and “damage control” counter- measures. In other words, we are only “cutting losses” and “bandaging up damages”, rather than finding or acting on a solution “that can put an end to it all.”
Human’s dependency and frequency on the use of technology only grows more and more vehement as progress and time goes by. We couldn’t imagine the world in the next 20 or 50 years without the use of fossil fuelled technology. If no change is done, in the upcoming years, the usage of these technologies would only become more and more intense globally, increasing the process of climate change.
If we really wanted to prevent or stop climate change we should’ve stopped the main and prevalent cause of it all—green house gas (GHG) emissions. For example, we could’ve stopped the use of all the fossil fuel powered technologies and switch to non-GHG emissive alternatives, such as having electric powered mobiles, or hydro-powered and gyro-powered power plants. But instead we still chose the “more” convenient and cheaper methods (i.e. the use of fossil fuels, methane, etc.), rather than the “inconvenient” or less lucrative of ways of productivity (i.e. solar, hydro, electric, and gyro technologies).
What I am trying to point out is that society is currently indulged or set too much in motion. Even if we wanted to initiate a change, we cannot suddenly “throw them off the flow” and expect for everybody to stop using any GHG emissive technologies, on the excuse of “it could be threatening in the future.” Many economic, social, and cultural structures circulate on these technologies for a long time already. That is why whenever you want to induce change, the response we usually receive is “it cannot be helped” or “that’s just the way it is”.
Based on my observations, the proper action we should take to address this problem based on our society today, is by first influencing change on views and thoughts of the society as a start (raising environmental awareness), before we can act on actually “solving/ending the problem”(systematic and global transition out of the GHG emissive technologies).