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Submitted by Carol Estrada on

"Global Climate Risk Index...of 2013, ranked the Philippines as number one, followed by Cambodia and India"
It was the same year where Yolanda hit our country where a number of people died and caused massive destruction on economy, agriculture and environment.
Continuous rise of temperature and unpredictable large scale rainfall in the country post a big threat.
With all these catastrophes we have experienced for the last decade. Our country is still reactive to every events like this. The preparation we do seems to be futile.
The actions and implementation of change to reduce causes and factors affecting climate change feels very slow and passive.
I have never seen strong awareness action plan for education our people. On how to help, what can they do in their household to minimize the effect, etc.
* How do the government reinforce awareness on Climate change?
Climate Change Commission was established by Republic Act (RA9729) so we can be prepared and act on causes of cimate change.
* What has this agency acheived so far?
One of the biggest environmental factores affecting climate change is the emission of greenhouse gasses.
"The Fifth Assessment Report (2015) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that commercial and residential buildings contribute about a quarter of the total global emission of greenhouse gases."
* How do the government make sure that all new establishments, residential or commercial comply to the Green Building Code set by DPWH?

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