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Submitted by Judilen Eduvane on

After reading the report, I came up with 2 questions, which can be seen in my community, that might be helpful in the report’s 3 major areas of recommendations. Here are the questions:

Question #1: Over the years, our community have been fighting against the building of a coal power plant in Subic Bay. We are very much aware about the consequences with health and environmental effects of coal-power plants. If the current government is really making an effort to build resilience to climate change impacts, why does it support coal power plants?

Question #2: The Philippines is exposed to climate-related hazards such as flood. Improper garbage disposal also adds up to the flood level when a typhoon hit a certain area. I live next to an elementary school where every day I would see litters on our street, which I know were caused by the students. I’m not generalizing all the students but I know that proper information or discipline should be imposed to many children who are not aware on the impacts of what they are doing. What could be a more active role of the Department of Education/educational institutions in instilling information to students and parents about garbage discipline and conservation?