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Submitted by Roxanne Fajardo on

The report suggests a SAP (Strategic Action Plan) which has 3 pillars - 1) strengthening planning, execution, and financing framework for climate change
2) enhancing leadership and accountability through monitoring, evaluation, and review of climate change policies and activities and 3)building capacity and managing change. The first two recommendations I have no question, for I think I will have great involvement on the third pillar.

Under the third pillar, there are two objectives. First, "build skills and a knowledge-base on Climate Change". Second, is to raise public awareness on climate change. From my point-of-view, I am part of the public that should deepen her awareness of climate change and the actions being implemented to prevent it. I am fortunate enough to have access to media such as the internet, blogs, books and television for these relay these kinds of information to me. It gets me involved and to do my own research on how I can help or support the actions being done.

My question is, how will you implement the objectives in pillar 3 for the less fortunate who do not have access to these information or the means where these are delivered? They make up a big part of our population, and it would be unfortunate if we cannot tap as many people to get themselves involved. I hope that together with pillars 1 and 2 being implemented, call for action and awareness will be evident in mainstream media as this means reach a lot more people. I also hope that information will be presented in a way that the public can comprehend yet still be able to articulate specific concerns.

As a Multimedia Studies student, this is the first question that came into my mind for I am initially concerned with the nature of how information will be relayed, most probably because of the nature of my program. There are so many talented multimedia practitioners so let us capitalize on their skills to help implement the objectives of pillar 3.