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Submitted by Patrick Valdez on

As kids, we learned as facts that trees sap out floods whenever heavy rain falls down. We considered this true. And as a kid growing up in the province we I noticed that floods were almost not a thing in our area. But going to the metro area, floods are almost non-stop and are at high levels. Maybe the development that the government had prepared for us may not be the most suitable ones for our country. Not because they're bad, but because they don't have proper back up. Most of the structures, roads, and buildings, that are signs of development, commonly have great appearance only. If you look at metro Manila, we couldn't help but notice that there are all sorts of towers, gorgeous malls, buildings of all sizes, but almost no trees or nature present. This is what I think that's lacking in progress, the nature that trully can help our situation. Sure we can take scientific actions, or conduct experiments, or even predict the weather, but without the actual answers to the problem, we can all just lean back on what had saved us from before.