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Submitted by Gella on

It’s good to know that the Aquino administration is already working on climate change. Honestly, I’ve never encountered a politician who included a climate advocacy in his campaign platform. So I see it as a good sign that President Aquino has made a move regarding this issue. It would also be helpful if the measures would also be reached out to local government or even better in barangay levels. By this, citizens would have more initiative in taking part on the issue.

Everything is just about a cycle. Worsening of people’s climate is because of lavish lifestyle. But as the climate worsen, they could not live a complicated lifestyle anymore. Most probably, the farmers and those in the agricultural sectors of the country are concerned with the changes in the climate. Those who are not directly affected are still contributing in the pollution. It is true that being science illiterate is never an excuse of ignoring the climate change issues in the Philippines. But some form of orientation is needed. In the Philippine television, climate change issues were mostly aired on national geographic channel. Local television could help in the awareness of Filipinos on what is really happening in the country’s climate.

Our country is very rich with natural resources. It is not yet too late to preserve these resources.