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Submitted by Pamela Gallardo on

In my opinion, the key to this climate change case in not just in the hands of the government. But also, us Filipinos ourselves. Of course the government has all the resources and ideas on what to do, they have the budget to conduct something that would help the environment. But the problem is this budget is being misused at some point. Instead of using for the betterment of the country’s status, they are using it for their own good. That’s why we Filipinos should do something. “Be the change you want to see the world”, Mahatma Gandhi once said. These days, floods, typhoons, droughts, they are all just a part of our natural lives. It seems like these things happening around us are not a cause of our bad habits. But the truth? These are all because of the people’s doings. We are the reason there is pollution. We are the reason that the world is already in danger. And if we are the reason and we are also the ones responsible for it to be in a better condition again. Sad to say but it seems like it’s too late now. According to the WB report, the climate models show that global warming is likely to exceed the 2°C projections, with a possible 4°C increase as early as 2060, causing severe impacts to global, regional, and national economies and livelihood. And that in a 4°C warmer world, coral bleaching and reef degradation and losses are very likely to accelerate in the next 10-20 years, which could result in the loss of fisheries as well as having detrimental impacts on the country’s tourism industry. That is how critical our world’s situation now. The way the report said “severe impacts”, that is enough for us people to do something. There are a lot of recommendations that our country should do, as stated in the article. And it’s really important to raise public awareness of climate change. Because the people must be aware of what is happening and what could possibly happen in our country and the world in due time. To be honest, before, I myself, when I hear this “climate change” thing, I’m not really moved by it, because I think it’s not that awful at all. But after reading this report, my eyes were finally opened to what really could be the possible consequences of this climate change and that it is really that serious matter. So all in all, I suggest that let us make a move. Government can’t stop the nature. But all together, we could help our world to be better again.